For 23 of the 25 years I was Managing Director of my own company I had a mentor. It was the best money I ever spent. When things were tough it was the thing I cut last of all. There are things you simply cant share with your team, your self doubts being one. But a good coach or mentor doesn’t do it for you. Never. Rather, they work with you to make you feel confident in the decisions you ultimately make for yourself. And implement yourself.
I’ve come into business coaching from 35+ years in commerce. I believe the breadth my experience will be an asset to owners and leaders within SMEs. My natural curiosity, analytical mind and entrepreneurial bias fuel a holistic approach to business.
I took my own company from 7 people to 48 in 5 years. I also lead the business through the massive structural changes wrought by IT. The global consolidation within the industry was another challenge. Four economic cycles, two relocations, and the incessant need to be better than our competition were further challenges. As they say, if you’re not getting better in today’s fast paced world, you’re getting worse.
I also now sit as a Non Exec on the board of Handsome Limited a company I helped found 7 years ago (if you’ve got back problems check An internet based business based in Stockport with near global distribution. I now work with4 VCs..another challenge.
I’m not your regular coach. I’ve been in the hot seat. I’ve got the wrinkles and scars of battle. I’ve felt the euphoria and the loneliness of leadership. I can empathise with SME leaders because for so long I’ve been one.