Corporate Battlefields

Developing business people through battlefield insight -

Serious business!


There is no better place to deliver leadership learning to a management team than a battlefield.  Why? … because as in business you have competitors over the hill thinking and acting against you. The battlefield is solely the business platform, not the purpose!


Corporate Battlefields Ltd is a small niche company offering something radically different and proven in terms of leadership development. Operating since 2007 it has delivered programmes and unique events to small businesses and global companies at board and senior executive level.  Our programmes deliver solutions to management teams on battlefields by correlating the outcomes of a battle to today’s client requirements. Every programme is bespoke to client challenges. 

We use the proven leadership model ‘Mission Command’ which provides management teams with a process to enable its vision and strategy to be delivered and understood at all levels of the organisation and in such a way that all employees are empowered to use their initiative to best advantage within clearly understood parameters.

On a memorable and emotional platform, via workshop and discussion, our Events deliver solutions to the client’s bespoke outcome requirements. The history presented on the battlefield links directly to the client’s business challenge triggering experiential learning via debate, workshop and wider and deeper thinking.

Corporate Battlefields have delivered to Management Teams from CIPS, Leventhorpe School, Bae Systems, Boeing, London Fire Brigade, Brother UK, eBay, Eli Lilly, HSBC, and UPS on the battlefields of Passchendaele, Naseby, Newbury, Waterloo, D-Day Normandy beaches and Isandlwana.