SFB Consulting Ltd

HR Law is a fixed non-negotiable set of rules. Conversely - employees are human beings who behaviour is determined by emotions. A company must find a way to reconcile these conflicting requirements in order to be legally compliant and enjoy a happy, productive workforce.

Not having Human Resources advice to hand is not an option nowadays as companies can very quickly find themselves submerged by people issues. This can be time-consuming and in a world of ever changing legislation a minefield and of course costly.

SFB Consulting can take the pain out of employing people, leaving you to focus on managing your Business. All work is delivered by our highly skilled team of CIPD qualified HR experts. Having received Human Resources advice, you still need to implement the actions. With SFB Consulting you will be assigned a named consultant that understands your business and your objectives. Our consultant willl work with you on a hands-on basis. We are not a faceless organisation; we really do act as your own HR department. SFB Consulting do not just provide remote advice but, where required implement on the ground solutions, or provide support for your already functioning  Human Resources Department.