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Having known rom my teens what I wanted to do , I was on holiday in Ireland when I saw an advertisement from St Paul’s Cathedral that they were selling of their old dilapidated rush seated (with holes) chairs. When I came back home I purchased a set of 6 – and driving home I thought if I wanted a set of six if these historic chairs – perhaps others would so I turned round & drove back to London and purchased ALL of them , about 1700.  Then I had to find somewhere to store them !!  It took over NINE months to sell the first one and during that time ( while I was supposed to be at college) I purchased from Westminster Abbey as well.  By the Time I was 25 I had furniture from Buckingham Palace to the Vatican & had been in Papers From New York Times to FT.
I’d also had 2 Hernias from moving furniture so gradually moved into paintings (Lighter) and I have never looked back.
Originally I dealt in contemporary living artists that were regular exhibitors / members of the Royal Academy as well as English Old Masters , Constable Gainsborough etc ( who now are cheaper than Banksy)  In 203 I noticed a new VERY different art movement , Street Art and started telling people to buy Banksy.
Now we advise collectors & investors who want a visual / beautiful investment or just something for their home.  We supply Hotels , Museums and interior projects and at the same time advise how to do it with an eye to investment & government subsidy where possible.
My most famous project recently was purchasing Banksy’s painting  “Seasons Greetings”  see  and currently distributing free of charge 500 limited edition prints by Rachael List of the nurse NHS sign.

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