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The following Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any previous agreements, warranties, representations, undertakings or understandings between the parties and may not be varied except in writing.

Networking Essex promotes business opportunities between companies. This is the focus of all its online and offline activities, and those of its members, subscribers, website users, and event attendees.

The website www.networking-essex.co.uk is offered to all users, conditional to your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to these Terms & Conditions. Our Terms and
Conditions are subject to change without notice.


Membership of Networking Essex is open to all companies which want to promote their goods and services to other companies, and, in turn, are open to the promotion of other members’ goods and services. All businesses are welcome but we reserve the right to deny entry to a meeting or event and/or cancel membership

Membership is for a minimum 12 month period and then on a rolling monthly contract unless stated otherwise.
Any company or its representatives acting in a manner not conducive to the aims of Networking Essex can have its membership suspended or rescinded at the discretion of Networking Essex. Such activities such as non-payment of fees, spamming members via email, posting of lewd or inappropriate content online or aggressive promotion, promotion of other networks to the detriment of Networking Essex especially where such promotion is by a person with a rewarded position within another network can lead to suspension or membership cancellation. In such circumstances, no refund of fees will be made.

Company members pay a monthly subscription fee in return for benefits that are accorded to member companies.
These include priority invitations for events, reduced or free entry to certain events and at the discretion of Networking Essex, free entry into the online directory and other services designed to increase business marketing
opportunities for each of its members.

Each member company can send one representative to any event under the terms of its membership agreement. Additional guests are welcome to attend but are subject to event restrictions and charges as announced.
The Networking Essex Membership fee is charged monthly and is liable on the day of the start of membership and then on the day of monthly renewal.

Membership will only start before payment is received at the discretion of Networking Essex and on the understanding that the terms of membership including payment have been understood and accepted by the

Failure to pay for company membership will lead to a suspension of membership. Networking Essex will pursue full monthly or annual payment and will only re-activate the membership once the payment is received in full.

Event bookings

All companies and their representatives must book ahead of the event they wish to attend. Prior booking is a prerequisite of admittance. Where no booking is made, entry cannot be guaranteed. In circumstances where no booking has been received, Networking can only permit entry subject to the host venue’s agreement with Networking Essex and is permitted subject to full payment being received within 24 hours. Networking Essex reserves the right to pursue non-paying companies for payments due. Members can be suspended for non-payment of due event fees until such time as the amount due is settled.

All bookings must be made through our online booking system or by email. A place is reserved for three days pending payment when the booking is accepted as confirmed. Payment is confirmation of attendance. Where bookings are made and accepted and a payment arrangement is allowed on the day, the booking company accepts full liability in the event they do not attend. Networking Essex will invoice for the agreed payment and seek settlement by return.

Cancellations and refunds are only accepted when made at least 24 hours before the event* and where cancellations are allowed at the venue. In such circumstances, we will attempt to offer a full refund or transfer the booking to another event of the booking company’s choice. All refunds and transfers are at the discretion of Networking Essex.

The production of a datasheet for a Networking Essex event is discretionary and does not constitute part of the event fee. Whilst every effort is made to include all attending the company’s details on datasheets, booking an event does not guarantee company data being included on event materials. This applies to late bookings – ones made within 24 hours of an event, or where a booking has failed to appear on the system for technical reasons.

All data collected when booking is subject to our Privacy terms above. We do not keep or store any card details when these are used for bookings.

Cancelling membership

At the end of each membership year, every member will be invited to renew their membership. At the start of the new membership, all benefits of membership shall remain provided payments for the previous and current year are in order. The office will notify the member business of any arrears.

Those members choosing to leave Networking Essex should inform the office of their decision before the end of that current year’s membership. Benefits of membership will be removed on the last date of that year’s membership including event attendance and any other benefits of membership available at the time of cancellation.

In order for these benefits to be reinstated, membership must be reactivated and due fees made. Networking Essex will inform each company of their status and fees due.

The leaving company forfeits all rights of attendance of Networking Essex events. If anyone at your company wishes to attend a future event, the company will have to rejoin Networking Essex.